Unfold the future - The Forest Fibre Industry - 2050 Roadmap to a low-carbon bio-economy (CEPI 2011)

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Our sector is very interconnected. It has a clear joint future and uses a common raw material. For this reason, we have taken a broad view of the industry, which we call the forest fibre industry, combining pulp and paper and wood-based (future) products. The forest-based wood products and pulp and paper sectors in Europe consist of 200,000 companies, employing 1.9 million people, and providing around 75 billion euro in added value to the EU economy. The sector is for the most part based on raw materials from Europe. It is a global player. But the world is changing fast.

This roadmap has been developed by representatives of all parts of the pulp and paper and wood products sector. Both companies and national associations have been involved. The starting points are the 2050 society and the 2050 consumer and how the sector will have to change to meet their future demands. Faced with external constraints on carbon and resources, we unfold the path to 2050 for technology, raw materials and finance, and consider the framework conditions and policies that need be in place to allow for the transition.

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