The Forest Industry – The Driver for a Sustainable Bioeconomy

Page last reviewed/updated: 07/06/2013


The Swedish forest industry’s vision of a biobased economy is one of the inspirations for this year’s Sustainability Report. It states that the forest sector is the driver for a biobased economy. Our vision looks ahead to 2035, and we will make the journey together with the rest of society. A prerequisite for success is a policy that shares the vision, with decisions that create the conditions for it to be realised.

The board of the Federation has adopted 14 industry-wide targets, which were first presented in the 2008 Sustainability Report. For many of the targets, the work is moving in the right direction, while for some, further effort is needed.

The forest industry is part of the solution to achieving a successful biobased economy. Together we represent a major part of Swedish industry, working for a consumer-driven economy which buzzes with activity and bases its operations on sustainable use of a renewable raw material. We hope this abridged version of our Sustainability Report will explain how we are doing this.

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