What responsibility is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation taking?

Page last reviewed/updated: 21/05/2010

Reply to the debate article "Skogen skövlas under ansvar" from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation 17/05 2010, Svenska Dagbladet.

What responsibility is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation taking?

According to a report from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Swedish forestry companies are devastating forests, breaking the law and cheating their customers. The entire Swedish forestry model does not function.

According to the Swedish Forest Agency, which takes random samples after final felling, 26 percent of the fellings does not live up to the requirements of the Forestry Act. However, this does not mean that forests are being "devastated" by this felling. For 75 percent of these felling areas, just as much, or more forest area has been protected than what the law requires. However, a forest owner may have protected the wrong type of tree or assessed the preservation value differently than the authority's personnel who may carry out an inventory afterwards.  A landowner does not always make the same assessment as an employee of the Swedish Forest Agency. However, through continuous cooperation between authorities and forest owners, the knowledge and the results are improving.

For the last ten years, the certification system, FSC, has been a well-established system that the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation has participated in and developed. The certification that exists is a functioning tool that is constantly being developed and which has contributed to making Swedish forestry world-leading. It is both socially and environmentally responsible and economically feasible.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation is running an incomprehensible campaign against Swedish forestry. Through repeated and aggressive actions, they are trying to discredit and undermine FSC labeling. Instead of a dialogue and cooperation, the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation seems to prefer to have confrontation on the agenda.

Swedish forestry is world-leading in its sustainability work. Mikael Karlsson and Malin Sahlin threaten that their report can damage Swedish forestry companies and customers' confidence in the Swedish forestry industry. If they succeed with their purpose, where will customers find a better alternative? Where in the world can Karlsson and Sahlin find a forestry industry more sustainable than the one in Sweden?

Mårten Larsson, Senior Vice President Forestry
Swedish Forest Industries Federation

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