Read the ICFPA Sustainability Progress Report

Page last reviewed/updated: 28/11/2011

The International Council of Forest and Paper Associations (ICFPA) is a worldwide network of forest products industry associations that promote cooperation in areas of common interest to its members and serves as the industry’s voice at international level. As of January 2011, its membership represents 41 forest and paper associations in 40 countries with more than 90% of the world’s paper production, and more than 50% of its wood production. The ICFPA and its members are committed to sustainable development which ensures that environmental, social and economic benefits are available to both this and future generations.

To demonstrate progress towards this commitment, the ICFPA has published its third biennial Sustainability Progress Report. The report highlights member associations’ activities and performance in six key areas, as agreed upon in the ICFPA CEO Leadership.

Statement on Sustainability of 2006:
• Creating solutions to global climate change and energy supply challenges;
• Promoting sustainable forest management worldwide;
• Combating illegal logging;
• Fibre use and recovery;
• Environmental management; and
• Investing in workers and communities.

New to the 2011 report is the inclusion of aggregate indicators which demonstrate ICFPA performance in three key areas: climate change, sustainable forest management and paper recycling.

The report also describes major trends in the forest products industry including:
• The global economic slow down’s significant effect on the demand for traditional forest and paper products;
• The availability of future wood and fibre supply as an emerging challenge;
• Increasing Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) certification levels among small land owners requiring further industry attention; and
• The increasing activity around the diversification of materials extracted from forests to address growing competition from other sectors.

Read the report here.