New Industriarbetsgivarna – a new employers association – formed for primary industry

Page last reviewed/updated: 25/09/2012

The Mining Employers Association, the Swedish Forest Industries Federation (employer division), the Steel and Metal Employers Association and SVEMEK are merging their operations. This new organisation, named Industriarbetsgivarna, is a pure employers association and will negotiate on behalf of the associations.


“Forming the new Industriarbetsgivarna association will give a powerful boost to work with employer issues at the participating associations. This is something we are doing in order to safeguard the long-term competitiveness of our industries”, says Olof Faxander, CEO of Sandvik and the newly appointed Chairman of the board at Industriarbetsgivarna.

“The companies that are represented by the new Industriarbetsgivarna are major exporters to international markets. Not least the rapid strengthening of the Swedish krona of late has indicated how external factors can tighten up competitive conditions quickly and powerfully. Employers and employees stand to benefit from an industry that can assert itself in the face of international competition, and collective agreements which promote competitiveness are a crucial prerequisite for companies and jobs”, says Magnus Hall, CEO of Holmen and Vice Chairman at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

“Primary industry includes a range of shared criteria, and as a result we expect major benefits to be derived from a cooperation. We have a major need for skilled employees. We are dependent on strong export. We are capital-intensive. We base our operations on raw materials. To name just a few of our strong characteristics”, says Lennart Evrell, CEO of Boliden.

“A cooperation has been on the table for some time. It is important when making a change like this to implement it before future bargaining commences. This is why the time is now right. The companies within the organisations have a lot in common, and so they stand to benefit hugely from a cooperation involving employer issues. It will underpin both the major corporations and the small and medium-sized enterprises forming part of this cooperation”, says Per Hidesten, the man who will be the Director General for Industriarbetsgivarna.

“The Swedish Forest Industries Federation, the Swedish Steel Producers’ Association and SveMin will continue to be the central organisations for industry issues in respect of the forestry industry, steel and metals and mining. So in other words, operations within these associations as industry representatives and monitors of economic policy, as well as operations relating to marketing issues, PR and staff functions, will continue as before. The new feature is that work on employer issues in the industries concerned will be significantly reinforced by the cooperation”, says Marie S Arwidson, Director General of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

The new Industriarbetsgivarna has a total of 860 member companies employing around 82 000 staff. The organisations involved expect to create better conditions for their member companies in the long term as a result of this cooperation.


The companies that form the new Industriarbetsgivarna have a number of things in common:
• The companies are highly dependent on exports to the world market. Hence long-term international competitiveness is an extremely crucial issue.
• The companies are capital-intensive, with facilities which demand major investments with long planning horizons, and so they need long contract periods.
• The companies have a major need for skilled employees. The whole world makes stringent demands of the companies’ adaptability and so has strict requirements in terms of flexibility and expertise.
• The companies base their operations on raw materials. Easy access to and the price of raw materials are fundamental to their business.

For further information, please contact:
Olof Faxander, Chairman, Industriarbetsgivarna, +46 (0) 26 26 00 00
Per Hidesten, newly appointed CEO, Industriarbetsgivarna, +46 (0) 70 316 72 55.
Per Braconier, Director of Communications, Swedish Forest Industries Federation, +46 (0) 70 534 51 66

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