International Year of Forests 2011 - Exhibitions and seminars at the European Parliament 6-9 September

Page last reviewed/updated: 24/10/2011

2011 is the International Year of Forests and exhibitions and seminars concerning future forest and the forest sector's contribution to the European bio-economy was held at the European Parliament the 6:th-9:th of September.

The event was organised by CEI-Bois, FEFCO, CEPI, COPA-COGECA, CEPF, EUSTAFOR, ELO, NSF, USSE and ACE.

The following seminars took place:

6-7 September: Event "Europe's and world's forests - which way for the future?" | Read the conclusions of the conference | Download presentation

6-9 September: Exhibition “Forest Sector’s contribution to the EU bio-economy” 

8 September: Workshop "Forest Sector's contribution to the EU bio-economy"

Download presentation by Dr. Petri Vasara
Download presentation by Matti Mikkola 
Download presentation by Piotr Paschalis-Jakubowicz
Download presentation by Bengt Nordin
Download presentation by Juha Hakkarainen

Read the press-release: Calling for a bottom-up approach towards a global forest governance

For more information, please contact Gunilla Beyer, +46(0)8-762 79 95