2,5 million hectares of protected forests

Page last reviewed/updated: 23/11/2012

The six major forest owner groups of Sweden are proud to present a map showing all voluntarily protected areas. The map is found at www.protectedforests.com. The map also includes all areas under formal protection. The map shows a total of 2.5 million hectares of protected areas.

Swedish forest owners practice sustainable forest management. Area protection, formal and voluntary, together with conservation measures in all forest operations, is the main tool to secure biodiversity in our forests.

The interactive map found at www.protectedforests.com enables you to seek information about areas formally protected, e.g. national parks and reserves, and can also help you locate areas voluntarily set aside by the forest owners. These areas are found all over the country.Voluntary set-asides cover 1.3 million hectares of forest land. More than 25 % of the Swedish forest area is exempted from active forestry through a blend of formal and voluntary forms of protection.

- Voluntary area protection has resulted in preservation of thousands of valuable areas. These areas vary in size from 0.5 to 1000 hectares and encompass pristine or pristine like areas rich in very old trees, dead wood in different stages of decay, old stands rich in broadleaves, various types of swamp forests, and other forest types worthy of protection. “Voluntary area protection by forest owners constitutes an important part of forest management as conducted in Sweden” says Mårten Larsson, Principal Forest Officer at the Swedish Forest Industries Federation.

Facts about Forest Protection in Sweden
1. Formal protection (national parks, reserves, biotope protection and conservation agreements) – at present 7 % of the forest area.
2. Voluntary set-asides (areas set aside by the forest owners) – at present 5 % of the forest area.
3. Conservation measures taken in forest operations encompass a combination of small protected areas (no bigger than 0.5 hectares, covering about 3 % of the area treated) and preservation of single valuable trees, dead wood, active creation of dead wood, soil and water conservation, preservation of social values etc.
4. Unproductive forest land is protected by the national forestry legislation – 14 % of the forest area.

Exactly what forests are included in www.protectedforests.com?
Forests owned by Bergvik Skog, Holmen Skog, SCA Skog, the National Property Board, Sveaskog and the Church of Sweden.

For further information, contact
Tomas Thuresson, Senior Forest Policy Adviser, Swedish Forest Industries Federation
+46 72546 79 63

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