Recovery of paper products

Page last reviewed/updated: 29/06/2016

Recovery of Paper Products 2014 Per cent of Consumption

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The recovery of paper products varies widely from country to country. Among the reasons for these differences are the market potential for the collected material and the efficiency of each country’s national and local collection organisations.

Globally, the average recovery rate in 2014 was 58 per cent. Despite extensive very sparsely populated areas, Sweden has one of the highest recovery rates in the world. 1.2 million tonnes of paper were collected in 2014. This gives a collection ratio – volume of waste paper collected as a percentage of paper consumption – of 64.7 per cent.

Collection means utilisation plus export minus import of recovered paper and the changes of recovered paper stock by mills and recovered paper merchants
Recycling rate means percentage of recovered paper utilisation compared to the total paper consumption
Paper consumption means domestic deliveries plus import of paper


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