Publications and surveys

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Our publications present the key topics in the Swedish forest industries. They are related to sustainable development as a general or to forestry, environment and other relevant issues.

List of publications


The Swedish Forest Industries 2013 - Facts and Figures

It´s all bioenergy - in the end


The Swedish Forest Industries 2012 - Facts and Figures

A National Strategic Research Agenda for the Forest-Based Industry in Sweden


The Forest Industry - The Driver for a Sustainable Bioeconomy (The Swedish Forest Industries' Federation Sustainability Report 2012)

The Swedish Forest Industries 2011, Facts and Figures


Living Forests - A report about the Swedish forest industries work on the conservation of biodiversity

The Swedish Forest Industries 2010, Facts and figures


The Swedish Forest Industries 2009, Facts and figures  


Swedish Wood Effect – the key to success in Copenhagen  
The Swedish Forest Industries 2008, Facts and figures 
The Swedish Forest Industries Federation's EU manifesto


The Forest Industry - A natural part of Sweden
Climate Manifesto
The Swedish forest Industry -Facts and Figures 2007
What is a Carbon Footprint?

2007 and earlier

The Swedish forest industry - facts and figures 2006 (pdf 627 kB)
The role of the Swedish forest industry in sustainable development (pdf 253 kB)
This is IPP - an example of environmental measures (pdf 778 kB)
Towards sustainable development in industry - an example of successful environmental measures within the packaging chain
Forests and the climate
Europe needs the forest industry 
The Swedish forestry cluster
New vision 
The forest cycle - piece by piece 
In balance with nature
The forest industry, an industry of the future
The forest industry, the ecocycle and the environment - a summary


The general public's opinion on the Swedish forestry sector 1985-2007
The general public's opinion on the Swedish forestry sector 1985-2007