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The Board of the Federation consists of representatives from the member companies, chaired by Per Lindberg, BillerudKorsnäs. The managing director is Carina Håkansson.

The Swedish Forest Industries Federation


Managing Director:
Carina Håkansson


Operations are organised into an industrial policy department with six committees, and the Swedish Wood department. Committees for employer issues work within the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers.

Collective agreements committee - pulp and paper:
Chairman: Mats Nordlander, Stora Enso
Contact person: Per Hidesten

Collective agreements committee - sawmills:
Chairman: Lars Martinson, Martinsons Såg
Contact person: Per Hidesten

Competence issues committee:
Chairman: Maria Magnesjö-Nilsson, Södra Skogsägarna
Contact person: Mårten Ericsson

Environment and Energy committee:
Chairman: Göran Lindqvist, Artic Paper
Contact person - environment: Christina Wiklund
Contact person - energy: Anna Holmberg

Forest committee:
Chairman: Johan Lindman, Stora Enso
Contact person: Linda Eriksson

Product committee - pulp and paper:
Chairman: Margareta Öhrn, BillerudKorsnäs
Contact person: Ingrid Haglind

Product committee - wood:
Chairman: Sven Nilsson, Gällö
Contact person: Gunilla Beyer

Research committee:
Chairman: Örjan Petersson, SCA R&D Centre
Contact person: Jan Lagerström

Transport committee:
Chairman: Magnus Svensson, SCA Transforest
Contact person: Karolina Boholm

Swedish Wood:
Chairman: Peter Eklund, Bergkvist-Insjön
Contact person: Mikael Eliasson
Contact person: Jan Söderlind - International


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