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Den 15 september hölls Skogsindustriernas årliga Virkesforum. Temat för i år var ”Är skogsindustrin lösningen när oljan tar slut?”. En av de mer uppmärksammade presentationerna var av Tony Willis, vd för Storbritanniens största skogsbolag, Euroforest. Tony målade upp en bild av en starkt växande efterfrågan på biobränsle. I Storbritannien så finns en lång rad med projekterade och planerade kraft och värmeanläggningar. Om alla dessa planer skulle komma att realiseras skulle efterfrågan vida överstiga tillgången på biobränslen i Storbritannien. Med anledning av Tonys presentation ställde vi några följdfrågor:

- How do you anticipate the future demand for bio fuels for heating and power in Great Britain to develop in the near future?

- We have 1 new power station and 1 new pellet plant under construction. What will happen with the rest of the projects listed in my presentation I cannot predict but I would think very few of them will go ahead as they rely on imported fuel.

- To what extent will Great Britain itself manage to supply these bio fuels, which assortments hold the biggest potential?

- The existing power and pellet plants plus the 2 new ones will mean that demand will exceed supply when all consumers are working to design capacity. We have a well developed panel board industry, a high demand for small diameter material for agricultural fencing and a large landscape and garden sector all looking for the same material. If/when they are all at maximum take-up there will not be enough timber to supply all so price will be the determining factor.

- What import markets for bio fuels are the most interesting for Great Britain?

- Phytosanitary regulations do not allow any material with bark to enter the country so the choices are limited. The relatively low value of Sterling will make imports expensive so I cannot see the British biofuel market being attractive to exporters.

- Is there strong political support to increase the use of bio fuels? What governing means are used today and expected in the future?

- Electricity generators have to provide “green” electricity and can then issue = renewable obligation certificates= which they can sell to polluters who exceed their CO2 threshold. A new scheme is under discussion = renewable heat incentive= which will focus on CHP rather than stand-alone power generation, the effect could be dramatic but does the Government have any money? There is strong political support for a low carbon economy but the argument still rages – should we build with it or burn it!!

- How is the interest among NGO:s and the environmental movement towards an increased use of bio fuels. Are there any concerns regarding sustainability, biological diversity etc?

- There is strong interest in all types of “green” projects but if they think wind farms are the answer, and they seem to think so, I doubt their intelligence( but maybe I am not supposed to say that!) Growing monocultures for bio-fuel damages bio-diversity and threatens food production, I think the debate will go on for some time.



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